Cycling Tour

Winding, paved streets, short distances, good weather, and unique landscape: could there be a better place for cycling than Santorini?

The cycling routes are varied and dependant on the level of the cyclist. e.g. there are routes for experienced cyclists, beginners and even children who frequently accompany their parents in our cycling excursions.

On our cycling tours we stop at regular intervals to rest and take in the scenery.

We will visit smaller
villages like “Vothonas” or “Mesaria” and find out howthe inhabitants managed their daily life only with what nature provided. Ponder the architecture which was shaped up to suit the needs arising from the volcanic environment. The roofs that are still used as cisterns. Walk the alleyways which were builtt up when cars did not exist and meet the mules that still tread these paths.

A visit to a “canava” winery should not be missed, sample some wine in the place which grapes are crushed and wine is produced from the viticulturists themselves using traditional methods.

On our tour we  visit the church of Panagia Episcope which was built in the late 11th Century by Emperor Alexios A΄ Komninos.

From Paganism to Christianity.

From the ruins of an ancient civilization a Christian one was born.

The ancient Greek language, language of Homer, isthe language of the Divine Liturgy, still heard every Sunday in Panagia Episcope.

At the cycling tour, bike and helmet included!

Minimum age: 17

Skills you should have: Safe riding in traffic. Standing up on the pedals, looking ahead while changing gears, braking with both brakes.

Don't forget: Sun protection lotion SPF 10 or higher, sports shoes, sunglasses, bathing suit and towel, a bottle of water and your camera.


Travelling with a group or friends, we will do our best to keep each individuals needs in mind to ensure an unforgettable experience for all...


P.S. Don’t forget your camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The photos will speak for themselves so you can share with friends.

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